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2lamarketing has worked with customers from all over the world including France, UAE, Qatar, Morocco and throughout the United States.
  • 1. You talk, we listen
    As a digital marketing agency, we first strive to know our clients' business goals. Then, all decisions are made with those goals in mind. A shiny new website is worthless if it doesn't assist you achieve your goals. You talk, we listen... then we offer you many ideas for improvement.
  • 2. We value integrity
    We believe in doing business with honesty, integrity and a real heart for others. we'll not sell you something you do not need. we'll not mislead you. We'll treat you with kindness and respect. The way it should be (and far too often isn't).
  • 3. We know SEO
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is that the art of being found in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If your site doesn't show up high within the search engines, potential customers will look elsewhere. Many of our clients buy their entire website within the first month as an immediate results of our SEO efforts.
  • 4. We create exceptional designs
    We prefer to create only unique websites (no templates). Our goal is to position your business as a top player in your industry and outperform all competitors. A top-notch, professional web design builds your company's credibility with all of your customers (existing and potential), which helps your future growth.
  • 5. We use WordPress
    We build all of our sites with the world's best open source CMS called WordPress (wordpress.org). This enables our clients to manage ALL the content on their sites from any computer within the world. Add a vast number of pages, articles, images, documents, media, etc. Don't pay a penny more for site updates. roll in the hay yourself! We'll even train you for free of charge.
  • 6. We write code that works
    We take the time to hand code all sites using the newest technology and cross compatibility. Whether you're employing a Mac or PC, iPhone or iPad, we believe your site should load correctly everywhere. Although you are still using Internet Explorer as your browser of choice (which isn't an honest decision), we confirm to check our code altogether with major browsers available (IE7-9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  • 7. We quantify our success
    Visitor tracking allows us to quantify our success and see what works and what doesn't. Monthly reports are emailed to you and complete traffic data is out there online at any time.
  • 8. We deliver on time
    We know that the point is money in business. So we set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and for our customers) and that we stick with them. We communicate with our clients on an ongoing basis to stay informed of our progress and to make sure that projects are started on time.

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